Can I publish a print book and an eBook at the same time?
Yes. Once your manuscript has been edited, proofed, and approved for publication, print production and eBook production can happen concurrently. Contact us to receive a free Publications Management Flow Chart which outlines the publishing process process for both print books and eBooks. If you're new to eBooks, eBook Basics will tell you what you can expect with eBook technology.

Can I turn my manuscript directly into an eBook?
Yes. With some required pre-conversion preparation, an edited and polished manuscript file can go directly to eBook. If you decide to print your book at a later date, that production process will be smooth and straightforward.

My manuscript is ready. How long does it take to process a printed or an electronic book?
The answer to this depends on several factors, not all of them known in our initial meeting: Does the manuscript require heavy editing and author rewrites? These can take weeks, sometimes months, depending on the author’s availability and the complexity of the rewrites. Book layout, proof, and final changes can take up to a month. Will your book need an index? This can take 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner. Printing can take 3-5 weeks depending on a printer's production schedule and book quantity. Ebook conversion can take 2-6 weeks depending on the level of basic or enhanced features. But several publishing tasks––layout and book cover design, for instance––can be completed concurrently. Timelines for each publishing project always vary. The Long On Books team works as efficiently as possible to produce your work artistically and impeccably.

What are the benefits of self-publishing?
1. Speed. Most publishers work on an 18-month production cycle after negotiations and contracting. Depending on your project, you could see your self-published book as soon as 90 days.
2. Control. You have a say in every aspect of the production cycle––editing, book and cover design, eBook conversion. You set the price of your book.
3. Ownership. You own all the books you produce. With Print-On-Demand, you can print as many or as few books as you have orders or avenues to sell. This allows buyers to pre-order your books so you don’t have to find that place in the garage to safely store boxes and boxes of books.
4. Marketing & Sales. You can make your own decisions about the timing of your promotions, flexibility of discounts programs, and giveaways. You can market to specialized interest and large groups, not possible with the large traditional publishers.
5. Revenue. You receive 100% of your book sales when you sell them yourself. You can also create a supplementary sales program with both Amazon and Barnes & Noble through their self-publishing programs. They will take a percentage of your book sales and mail or deposit your net royalty payments directly to you.

What is an enhanced eBook?
Standard features of an eBook will include an interactive table of contents, cross-references within the eBook, links to external websites for additional depth of information, and good design work. In addition to these features, enhanced eBooks can include links to audio and video clips, author interviews, original music, photos, artwork, animation, and other digital media content. Keep in mind, however, that not all eBooks can, or should, contain these enhanced features, and currently not all eReader devices can accept enhanced eBooks.

Why not go straight to an eBook supplier? Why do I need Long On Books?
Long On Books creates well-designed eBooks as well as print books. Along with an eBook's standard features, we'll discuss adding enhanced features to your eBook such as audio, video, and/or animation. If you and we determine that these additional features are what your eBook needs, we'll work with the right people to make that happen. We'll also ensure your work adheres to eBook conversion guidelines. After the conversion process we'll proof your eBook file, identify, and oversee correcting any technical errors before submitting that file to you for your own review.