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Every book waiting to be produced is an adventure, a chance to learn and experience a new author, new ideas, and a new client relationship, all facets of a successful creative endeavor.

Over the years, I’ve worked to become a knowledgeable and sensitive editor and gained a skill or two (or three) about artful, pragmatic book design. I’ve also learned how to manage a publication from, “I’ve got a book idea” to, “Your books will be delivered on June 15" and, "Your eBook is now on Amazon.”

My clients know I have great respect for them and for all the sweat, tears, time, and sometimes doubt about their project.

To complete the publishing process, they have trusted my expertise to navigate their journey from manuscript to completed book in a creative, economic and timely manner. We are proud their book is finished and available to readers.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you become a published author, too.