From Unpublished to Published. Here.

Navigating the terrain to become an independent author in a constantly changing publishing environment may feel as daunting as scaling Mt. Everest.  Whatever your publishing needs, we will be your guide.  From a raw manuscript to a printed book and eBook, Long On Books will produce your work artfully and professionally.  We treat your work with care, and provide you with custom publishing services that fit your needs, goals, and budget.

Tell us about your project. Let's determine what works best for you and your work. We're here to help.

“I was so happy and relieved to discover Eva and her publishing expertise. She took my stack of lovingly typed pages and turned it into a beautiful book, helping with everything from font selection to editing to cover art. If the story was my baby, it was Eva who dressed it, guided it, and sent it out into the world. Always patient and thoroughly knowledgeable, she's a great guide along the publishing path. I highly recommend her publishing services."  

--  Lorraine Dopson, Ph.D., author

The Light at the End of the World - Visions from Heaven